CaliCam® - Calibrated Cameras

No More Camera Calibration!

         Camera calibration is a tedious and painful task. CaliCam® relieves the users from camera calibration FOREVER.

         CaliCam® uses the fisheye camera to capture images. Since the CaliCam® is an already Calibrated Camera, the user can easily customize the FoV, image Width and Height based on the application in hand. It essentially equals to resampling from a wide FoV image with known parameters. 

         Calicam® has 2 models: CaliCam® Stereo and CaliCam® Mono.    

         We provide the Fisheye Calibration Service, please contact us for the detail.


How CaliCam® Works

         The demo source codes for CaliCam are available from CaliCam@GitHub and CaliCam_Mono@GitHub. CaliCam® Stereo Camera is ready to to provide a Panorama Depth Image



Panorama Depth Image

         PDI provides a solution to get the panorama depth image from a single CaliCam® stereo image pair.

         A wider view angle always benefits the environmental perception ability. PDI is opening a New Era of 3D vision computation using the fisheye camera. It's time to start deploying the fisheye cameras in your vision applications.

         The demo source code for generating the panorama depth image is available from PDI@GitHub.